The particular Enforcement of your Attorney’s Holding onto Lien


At times, an legal professional is dismissed by his / her client with out cause, and with a large amount of money as a result of attorney from your client. Apart from the attorney delivering a plenary action around the debt owed from the client, the legal professional may find alternative actions through the effective use of liens after the client’s reason behind action or perhaps file, from the employment of the “charging” lien or perhaps “retaining” lien. (Continuing. )#)

Inside the well-cited case with the New York State Court docket of Is of interest, People /. Keeffe, 50 NY2d 149, 428 NYS2d 446 (1980), the Court docket reviewed the particular rights regarding attorneys with respect to statutory asking liens pursuant to be able to Judiciary Legislation Section 475 and also common-law holding onto liens. The 2 types regarding liens are usually non-exclusive and may even be asserted in a action any time applicable. Concerning attorney’s holding onto liens specifically, the Court docket noted:

“The [attorney’s retaining lien] entitles the particular attorney to be able to retain almost all papers, sec, or money from the client which has his possession for the duration of his specialist employment until how much his payment is repaired by arrangement or simply by litigation, which is paid. ”

The particular Appellate Split, Second Section, in knowing the holding onto lien of your attorney, held which it was error on the part of a demo court to be able to direct preceding counsel to be able to transfer the particular papers upon which the legal professional had any retaining lien just before (any) determining the worth of the particular attorney’s companies, and (t) making sure that payment for anyone services has been adequately attached. Mint Aspects v. Cedar plank Tide Corp. Consequently, the attorney’s retention with the files regarding his consumer, which came into his possession from the course regarding his specialist employment, will be lawful, and he could be entitled to assert his holding onto lien approaching the correcting of his / her fee and also payment thereof.

Inside Rivkin /. A. L. Hollander & Corp., Inc. the particular court opined in which: “The holding onto lien, declared that against paperwork that normally have tiny intrinsic benefit, is beneficial only due to ‘inconvenience’ caused for the client coming from denial of usage of papers mixed up in lawsuit. ” Inside his selection in Rivkin, supra, Magistrate Determine Peck used that to be able to require preceding counsel to offer such paperwork to fresh counsel would certainly effectively eliminate the retaining lien’s defense. Further, Magistrate Judge Peck explained: “While the particular Court constantly is anxious to go its docket expeditiously, you won’t do so on the expense regarding prior security counsel’s holding onto lien. ” The particular retaining lien shields and helps substantial value by means of the holding with the client record in expectancy of payment from the client.

Inside Eighteen Acquaintances LLC /. Nanjim Procurment Corp.the particular Appellate Split, Second Section held in which, in the absence of exigent situations, an attorney really should not be compelled to be able to surrender the particular client’s file as well as the attorney’s lien needs to be respected. Exigent situations are determined over a case-by-case schedule, considering facts including the nature with the action (elizabeth. g. legal or matrimonial make a difference) or perhaps the client’s indigency.