You Stand Harsh Criminal Charges If Found Using a Fake I.D

A lot of people, especially teenagers, don’t understand the amount of riskiness that accompanies the use of a fake ID. It’s therefore common to find them making fake IDs in order to get access to bars or to be able to buy alcohol from a store. Unknown to them, being found with a fake ID is a criminal offence that can potentially land you behind bars.

There are two ways in which law enforcement officers will punish you for misrepresentation of your ID. The first one is that you could be charged for falsifying your identification. And the second is that you could be charged for falsifying or tempering with another person’s identification. There is a host of consequences that come with either charge. These can ruin your life and it’s best to consult criminal defense attorneys to help you out of such a mess.

  • You can become a victim of identity theft

When buying or ordering a fake ID you will be asked to give your details. This puts you at risk of being a victim of identity theft, which can be very detrimental to your future and which is also illegal.

  • Your criminal record might be soiled

If you’re charged for using a fake ID when you are past 18 years it can permanently inflict your criminal record. This will make it hard for you to be successful in school applications, job applications and other important matters in your life. You can get a law firm in San Diego that offers affordable defense services for your situation to save you from ruining your life and future.

  • Potential revocation of your license

There are states where a charge with the use of a fake ID can culminate in your driving license being revoked. The law enforcement agencies can further allege that you gave wrong identification at the time of your arrest. This argument can be the one that takes you down. Hiring criminal defense attorneys will be an asset since theyhave experience in handling such situations and.

  • Potential fraud charges

The crime you committed that involved the use of the fake ID can contribute to you being accused of fraud. Without a specialist from a reputable law firm in San Diego fighting for you, law enforcement officers can use this vulnerability against you and you will be given extra penalties in addition to the penalties for falsifying your ID.

  • Possible Felony Conviction

There are some states where being found with a fake ID will simply warrant you a misdemeanor charge. Unfortunately in other states use of a fake ID leads to a felony conviction. Additional acts associated with the fake ID like using the fake ID to purchase alcohol or firearm will lead to a felony charge. In all these cases, your sentence or penalty can be greatly reduced if you hire skilled criminal defense attorneys to help you out.