4 Facts About DUI Classes And Schools You Forgot

Have you recently been arrested by traffic police and charged with DUI offense? You can obtain instance help so you can escape losing your license and additional charges such as high costs of DUI classes if you are found guilty of the first DUI offense.

This offense may not be as expensive as the traffic ticket but it can have you jailed, accord you a permanent criminal record, or make your license to be suspended. The best thing to do immediately after being arrested for driving under the influence is to get a professional inspection of what transpired as soon as you can.

  • What are DUI classes?

If you are DUI offender, the law requires that you take full responsibility for your misconduct by attending DUI classes. If you are in Maryland, you will need to go through Maryland Alcohol Education Program (AEP) as ordered by the court. These classes are very costly because they are meant for individuals who are found drunk driving. How long you attend the classes differs from one case to the next. For this reason, you should know what to expect if you encounter a DUI arrest.

  • Class evaluation

The extent of your drinking problem should be evaluated. This assessment helps to determine the number of classes you need to take. Examples of DUI classes include:

  1. The effects of alcohol and drugs on driving performance
  2. Personal and legal implications of driving with influence
  3. Ways to prevent drunk driving and escape future charges
  4. How to end alcohol and drug abuse
  5. Effective plans for avoiding relapses and living a healthy lifestyle

Once you complete the classes, you will go through an interview that will evaluate whether you have met the goals of DUI classes.

  • License Reinstatement

The requirements for DUI classes depend on the details of the individual who has been convicted such as if it is the first DUI offense. If you are eligible for a reduced driver’s license suspension, you have to go through an assessment before you obtain a license, restricted or temporary. If you are completing the mandatory DUI classes, you will be given a specified amount of time to fulfill all the terms and conditions of your DUI case.

  • Other costs of DUI offense

Besides the costly DUI classes, you should expect a number of expenses. Even if it is your first-time offense, it is going to be an expensive gamble. You will pay a penalty which includes paying for a mandatory Maryland AEP. Furthermore, you will incur financial costs because you risk injuring yourself or another person. Here is a list of the costs you will incur.

  1. Lawyer and court charges
  2. First offense DUI fine
  3. AEP fees
  4. Ignition interlock device program cost
  5. Administrative license cost
  6. Increased insurance fee
  7. Others- employment loss, property damage, medical costs, etc.

Fighting a DUI offense is costly and time-consuming. To avoid the severe penalties of DUI conviction, consider taking Maryland DUI Classes.