How to Make a Compensation Claim for a Cosmetic Burn Injury


Increasing numbers of people are making claims for cosmetic treatment injuries, and one treatment that gives rise to a large number of claims is laser hair removal. This is a procedure designed to take away unwanted hair from various parts of the body and it is popular because it is long-lasting and quite effective.

But while laser hair removal treatment is often carried out without any problems occurring, it remains an unregulated industry and unfortunately there are practitioners who carry out the treatment without proper skill and attention. If you have had laser hair removal and suffered a burn or other injury you can make a claim for compensation.

Find Out If You Can Make a Burn Injury Claim

You should consult a personal injury solicitor if you are injured as a result of laser hair removal and you feel it was someone else’s fault. This person will usually be the clinician who carried out the procedure, or it could be the clinic itself. You can make a claim for a laser hair removal burn whether the burn is extensive or small, and whether it is on the body or the face. Even if the burn is not severe and it causes emotional suffering you can still claim.

Normally second and third degree burns give rise to compensation claims. These burns affect more than the top level of skin and therefore have the potential to scar and also to damage other parts of the body. You should make a claim for a burn that occurred in the last three years. If your burn was caused by someone else’s negligence then you have a right to seek compensation.

Find Out the Burns Claim Procedure

When you suffer a burn from a cosmetic procedure it is probably the last thing on your mind to seek financial compensation – you are more likely to focus on healing. But it is important to pursue a claim if you have been injured, not only to achieve financial compensation but also to feel that your case has been listened to and you have helped prevent other incidents like this happening in the future.

A specialist laser burn solicitor will help you to decide if you have a claim to make for compensation. They will advise you on your own individual case. It is difficult to know whether you as an individual will be successful in a claim without seeking advice, since everyone is different. With the help of a solicitor you can successfully pursue the claim you are entitled to make.