How to prevent accidents for elder people?

You probably didn’t know that one in four elder people in America has an accident in the house every year. Accidents are the main cause of nonfatal and fatal injuries for people over 65. In some cases, they can result in broken bones, hip fractures, and head injuries. Even when an accident doesn’t cause a fatal injury, it could still be the reason for the depressed and fearful state, and that could lead to future issues.

In case that you have an aging grandparent, parent or neighbor, by helping them to reduce the chance of an accident is a great way to help them stay independent and healthy as long as they can. You can prevent accidents; you just have to know where to look. We present you most common factors that could lead to an accident:

  • Vision – When people are aging, less light will reach the retina, therefore it is far more difficult to see obstacles and contrasting edges.
  • Gait and balance – As we age, we lose a sense of coordination, balance, and flexibility all due inactivity.
  • Medications – Some counter medications and prescriptions can cause dehydration and dizziness that could eventually lead to an accident.
  • Chronic conditions – Most elderly people have at least one chronic condition such as arthritis, stroke or diabetes. These conditions could increase the risk of falling because they result in inactivity, lost function, pain, and depression.
  • Environment – Most seniors live in places without any modifications that could make their lives easier.

Before you decide to visit slip and fall accident lawyer, you have to consider these steps that will help you reduce the risk of accident for your older loved ones:

  • Make simple steps of protecting them – You have to be honest with your older loved ones and tell them that you are concerned about their falling. Even though they will never admit that there is a possibility for them to fall, it is important to find a way to modify their living space according to their conditions. The first step is to talk with them and ask them whether they are concerned about their condition and are they experiencing any sign of dizziness and lack of balance.
  • Discuss their health condition – You have to find out whether elder ones you love are experiencing any kind of problem that could cause an accident. Ask them whether they have trouble remembering to take medication, or are they experiencing any side effects. Make sure that they are taking any advantages and activities that will keep them active and therefore stronger. It is important to speak openly about all their conditions.
  • Talk about their medications – We have mentioned above that you have to follow your older loved ones and to determine whether they are using medications according to doctor’s report. However, they can also experience side effects, and you have to encourage them to talk with you about it. Suggest them to be open about it because it could cause serious damage afterward.


Keeping your parents and grandparents safe is the indispensable part of being a son and grandson. It is you who has to keep them safe and protect them from their issues, by taking preventive measures. Only that could really affect the quality of their lives.